Start your NFT Fundraising Project!

With Robin8, everyone can set up their own NFT and raise money.  We provide a global fiat and crypto NFT Platform so you can quickly set up and start selling your NFT.  We can also help you syndicate your NFT in multiple platforms.

Robin8’s cryptocurrency (PUT) is Listed on Probit Global

Robin8’s cryptocurrency (PUT) is Listed on Probit Global. More exchanges to come. Stay tune for more info on the PUT.

The Profile Utility Token (PUT) is a cryptocurrency, powered by Robin8 PUT, where entrepreneurs, business owners and consumers can use PUT to launch their NFT and sell on our NFT marketplace and NFT distribution network.


A one stop platform to quickly get your NFT up and selling

See your NFT come to life in minutes. Start selling your NFT globally. You can quickly upload all your NFT ranging from physicals goods or digital goods like music, IP, pictures and start selling. We work with every type of NFT.

What Makes Robin8 Different

You can make all your IP and digital assets into a NFT and sell

Easy and Seamless




FIAT and Crypto Powered

NFT Marketplace

Faster to Launch Your NFT

Our NFT platform is designed to enhance your NFT experience. We make it really easy to launch your NFT. Now with Robin8, everyone can have their own NFT and start selling!

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Create Your NFT in 15 Minutes or Less