Robin8 PUT is a NFT funding platform where you can mint your NFT and sell it to raise money for your favorite projects. We streamlined the process so you can quickly create your NFT and start selling. Buyers can pay in crypto or with their credit card.

There are many ways to works with us! Some examples include:

If you are a Youtuber, you can create your video as a NFT and sell it. Your buyer would own your video and all the revenues associated with your video.

If you are a charity or non-profit, you can issue an NFT and sell it to raise money for your organization.

If you are a singer or artist, you can make your song or merchandises a NFT and sell it to raise money.

If you are a business, start up or project, you can create a NFT to raise money for your project.

If you are video game creator, we can help you sell your NFTs to raise money for your games.

Robin8 PUT smart contract are set up in the NFT to collect royalties so the creator continues to make money from the NFT in the secondary markets. We can customize your NFT to fit your fundraising needs.


  • NFTs integrated with PUT2 give value to the NFT and the token
  • Banking with a PUT2 supported platform leads to greater rewards and bonuses
  • The Web3 Crypto banking platform will support the varied needs for a currency
  • Custody when desired
  • Decentralized if full owner control wanted
  • Fully regulatory compliant with KYC/AML and Identity management
  • NFTs and other data transferred to social networks will keep user control and visibility


Earn PUT2

  • Value of the “original art”
  • Value of the data collected by the NFT- shares, likes, market research
  • Power of the NFT to link with PUT2 token to earn rewards/ dividends
  • Number of fans for NFT get PUT2 rewards
  • The greater the NFT activity, the greater the PUT2 rewards
  • Users can stake PUT and participate in Crypto mining
  • Revenue from Crypto mining will buy back PUT2

Consume PUT2

  • User fee for Distributing NFTs
  • Stake PUT2
  • Monthly burn
  • Buy back based on revenue from NFT sales


  • Investment in Crypto mining produces Coins used to buy PUT2
  • Crypto mining wallets automatically linked to PUT2 purchasing
  • The greater the Crypto mining, the greater the PUT2 buyback
  • PUT2 holders get benefits of crypto mining rewards automatically without any centralized control

PUT2 Supply

PUT2 TOKENS1,000,000,000
(e.g, buy 1M PUT2 and swap 1M PUT for 10M PUT2;
total is 11M PUT2)

PUT Token Allocation

The total supply of PUT is 1 Billion Tokens. The allocation plan for total supply is set as below:

➢ 10% will go to Project team and advisors
➢ 40% will be reserved to fuel future innovation and ecosystem health. Robin8 Administration
Committee will decide the sale of this part depending on market condition and the development of
the project and Ecosystem
➢ 20% will be reserved as a reward mechanism to incentivize the development of community
➢ 30% will be allocated to the token distribution contributors. Unsold PUT during the token
distribution will be allocated to Ecosystem and Reserve Fund.

Use of Proceeds

The proceeds of the token distribution will be used to fund Robin8 Project operations, including the following purposes:

➢ 50% for core development of Robin8 platform and the DAPP, including expenses on technology
research and development and talents recruiting;
➢ 20% for operation and administration to support the project;
➢ 20% for market promotion to enable consumers, KOLs, content creators and advertisers to know
and use Robin8 platform and PUT tokens;
➢ 10% for legal, accounting and other consultant fees.