Profile Utility Tokens
Distribution Plan
Terms and Conditions
Robin8 is a global leader in profile-centric advertising that utilizes AI and big data to profile, rank and match consumers to brands; records marketing and advertising activities and data on the blockchain to ensure authenticity and trust; and builds a token-based ecosystem that encourages consumers and key opinion leaders for active marketing participation.
Currently, the advertising industry faces three major crises: 1) rampant fake news; 2) abuse of personal data; 3) advertising data fraud. After successfully building an AI-powered profile-centric advertising platform, Robin8 is integrating its platform with blockchain technologies to solve the trust-related challenges above. Each ad, readership, share, click, or content IP is timely recorded, confirmed, traced and audited for authenticity to each person’s unique ID and ledger history on the blockchain. The undeniable and temper-proof ledgers boost advertisers’ confidence in their advertising data and reduces personal data abuse and fake news.
Robin8 is distributing Profile Utility Tokens (PUT) as value-median for its profile-centric advertising ecosystem, so that consumers, key opinion leaders (KOLs) and content creators can be compensated for content creation, IP, readership and sharing.The terms and conditions for the distribution are listed below, subject to specific agreement signed with individual buyers.
Price per PUT (USD) is rounded to 3 decimal places, which may cause small rounding errors. Actual transactions will be calculated with 5 decimal places. Unsold PUT in Private Stage will be reoffered in Public Stage
The conversion rate among BTC, ETH and Qtum will be calculated as follows:
  • For proceeds received in Private Stage, the conversion rates among Qtum/BTC/ETH/USD and into PUT will be determined according to the latest available trade info published on Bitfinex at 9:00 am Beijing Time on the date Public Stage starts.
  • In the Public Stage, the Qtum/BTC/ETH/USD conversion rate will be announced 1 hour before launch.
PUT tokens will be tradable within one month after Public Stage starts.
PUT Token Allocation
The total supply of PUT is 100 million units. The allocation plan for total supply is set as below:
  • 40%  Reserve Fund
  • 30%  ICO
  • 20%  REcosystem
  • 10%  Project Team
Project Team
10% will go to Project team and advisors
Reserve Fund
40% will be reserved to fuel future innovation and ecosystem health. Robin8 Administration Committee will decide the sale of this part depending on market condition and the development of the project and Ecosystem
20% will be reserved as a reward mechanism to incentivize the development of community
30% will be allocated to the token distribution contributors. Unsold PUT during the token distribution will be allocated to Ecosystem and Reserve Fund
Use of Proceeds
The proceeds of the token distribution will be used to fund Robin8 Project operations, including the following purposes:
  • 50%  Core Development
  • 20%  Operation & Admin
  • 20%  Marketing & Sales
  • 10%  Legal & Accounting
Core Development
50% for core development of Robin8 platform and the DAPP, including expenses on technology research and development and talents recruiting
Operation & Admin
20% for operation and administration to support the project
Marketing & Sales
20% for market promotion to enable consumers, KOLs, content creators and advertisers to know and use Robin8 platform and PUT tokens
Legal & Accounting
10% for legal, accounting and other consultant fees.
Risks and Legal Conditions
The buyer understands that digital assets, PUT, Quantum Blockchain and other technologies are new and untested thus may be inherently risky. Robin8 Project team will not be responsible for any non-performance resulting from adverse changes in the market forces or the technology.
In addition, the buyer has been warned of the following risks
In particular, the buyer must be warned that
  • The buyer must meet the criteria of "accredited purchaser" as defined under the applicable laws of the jurisdiction where the buyer resides
  • The buyer has full power and authority to enter into the terms and will not violate any applicable laws
  • Citizens and residents of Mainland China and the United States are not allowed to participate in the Public Stage of the PUT distribution
For any further details, please visit Robin8PUT.org or please send email to ico@robin8.net
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