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What is Robin8 PUT?
Robin8 Profile Utility Token (PUT) is a new wave of social media that is being built on blockchain technology. We give control of the profile back to the owner and empower the user with their own data. We do this by allowing the profile owner to tokenize and monetize their social media presence via blockchain technology.
Currently, Robin8 is applying this technology in the advertising space through an influencer search engine that profiles, matches and ranks using big data and AI. The Robin8 platform offers a new advertising channel where people are media. However, this is just one use case because any vertical application can be built on top of the Robin8 platform with PUT as a currency in this virtual ecosystem. We are building the fundamental layer of a large-scale profile-based economy that can be replicated in industries beyond advertising.
Your Benefits
Anonymous and Trusted
Your information is encrypted in the blockchain. Within the ecosystem you will be linked to an ID that is public, while your identity is concealed.
Ownership of Your Data and Privacy
Unlike Facebook, Weibo, Twitter and Instagram, with Robin8 PUT, you decide if you want to share your social media engagement with advertisers on the platform, or choose not to.
Monetization of Your Data
You will get rewarded with PUTs for creating a profile, inviting your friends, reading and sharing content, and promoting products. We believe that you are the most important person in a social media platform, so you should be rewarded for using social media, not us.
Our Management Team
Miranda Tan
CEO and Co-Founder
An expert in China Influencer and KOL Marketing, big data and AI, Blockchain PR/ Advertising;
15 years experience in PR and marketing;
The president at Excite Media Group;
The founder of ExcitePR, a US technology public relations agency with offices in New York and San Francisco;
Cornell University, B.S.;
St. John’s University of Law, Juris Doctor.
Hassan Miah
CTO and Co-Founder
A builder of technology platforms for the entertainment, advertising and media sectors with 30 years of experience;
Partner at KPMG;
Managing Director at Intel Capital for TMT Investment;
Head of Technology and Digital Media at Creative Artist Agency;
CEO at Xing Technology, acquired by Real Networks for $75M;
University of Michigan,B.A.;
Standford University  Graduate School of Business, MBA & and is a Certified Public Accountant
Dr. Janna Lipenkova
VP, Research & Development
Specialize in natural language processing;
has experience both in fundamental research in formal linguistics as well as in the design and development of practical NLP applications (MT, text mining, parser development, sentiment analysis);
Freie Universität Berlin, PhD in Computational Linguistics.
Our Advisors and Investors
Bessie Lee
Former CEO for WPP China,Robin8 Foundation Advisor
Bessie Lee has had 20 years of experience in the advertising industry and is the former CEO for WPP China. Previously, she worked as the GroupM China CEO and Mindshare CEO.
Milo Chao
Former Chief Strategy Officer for TBWA China, Robin8 Foundation Advisor
Milo Chao was previously the Chief Strategy Officer for TBWA China. He received his MBA from Northwestern University and a BA from Binghamton University.
Alvin Foo
Head of Mobile and Innovation at OmnicomMedia Group, Robin8 Foundation Advisor
Alvin Foo has had over 15 years of experience in the advertising industry in China. He is the head of mobile and innovation at OmnicomMedia Group, one of the largest in the world. Prior to this position he was the Head of Mobile at Google China.
Vivian Zhu
Greater China CEO of Blue 449, Robin8 Foundation Advisor
Vivian Zhu is a seasoned executive and leader in digital and media strategy, consumer insights and experience, analytics and optimization. Forging the vision and leading the team in leveraging technology and innovation to design and deliver the unique consumer cross platform experiences. She’s worked for Publicis Media as their Chief Digital and Innovation Officer, Starcom Mediavest Group as the Chief Digital Officer of Greater China and Managing Director for China Digital before that, VP of Strategy and Analytics for Razorfish and Publicis, SVP of Director of Analytics for MRM Worldwide, and Group Director for Wunderman.
Coolio Yang
CEO of Kantar Media CIC, Robin8 Foundation Advisor
Coolio is a digital marketer with years of experience in digital communication planning, performance tracking/optimization, media and KOL partnership, social media, search, DMP/trading desk and tech development. Prior to serving as CEO for Kantar Media CIC, he was the Vice President of Ogilvy & Mather providing social marketing leadership of the group, 360 MARCOM and branding.
Ms. QJ (Qijun) Wang
CEO & Founder of Queschain Capital, Robin8 Foundation Advisor
Ms. Wang is a serial entrepreneur in the blockchain industry. Since 2014, beginning as the marketing lead in China for Blockchain.info, QJ has been involved in many innovative initiatives, ranging from crypto asset management, blockchain solution development, open-source blockchain infrastructure and Dapps such as MakerDAO, to community education and charity programs. In addition to founding Queschain Capital, she is a co-founder of Andui, StoneLedger, DACx, and ZAFED. She obtained a B.A. in English Literature and Literature/Letters from Shanghai University, and a master’s degree in Communications from Shanghai International Studies University.
Leo Wang
Founding Partner of PreAngel Fund, Robin8 Foundation Advisor
Leo Wang has more than 17 years of field experience in mobile internet in China. Now he's a very active angel investor for frontier tech startups, especially in Blockchain and Cryptocurrency. He'd invested 300+ deals since 2011, half of which are doing well.
Leo and his partners are managing 1 Billion RMB (100M USD) in total, focusing on AI, Blockchain, etc. Within the blockchain industry, Leo has invested in: NEO in angel round in August 2014, and the rest of the fund’s portfolio holdings include: Metaverse ETP, ObEN/PAI, Opskins/WAX, Aptoide/AppCoin, Scry/DDD, Bnktothefuture/BFT, Smartmesh/SMT, Robin8/PUT, among others.
Mykim Chikli
COO of Publicist Media Group, Robin8 Foundation Advisor
Mykim began her journey in media at Wanadoo serving as the Business Development Director for 6 years. Later, she would be the director of the Publicist Group at Zed Digital International which was followed by her tenure as CEO of the Publicist Group at Performics. She would later join ZenithOptimedia as their Chief Innovation Officer. ZenithOptimedia is a marketing and advertising ROI agency that uses data, technology and specialists to find opportunities for its clients’ businesses. There, she would go onto serve as the COO, CEO and Greater China CEO.
CEO of Node Capital, Robin8 Foundation Advisor
Dujun is the partner at Node Capital, one of the earliest investors in blockchain technology and the well-known crypto currency fund manager. He used to work at well-known internet companies, such as Tencent. He is also the founder for Huobi, one of the most professional bitcoin trading platforms in China, and Jinse Financials, one of the most popular media platforms for Blockchain in China.
Benjamin Qiu
Partner at LOEB & LOEB LLP, Robin8 Foundation Legal Counsel
Benjamin Qiu focuses his practice on venture capital financings, fund management, corporate governance, and intellectual property portfolio building, licensing and protection. He represents emerging growth enterprises from a variety of technology sectors, with extensive experience working with electronics and software companies and Internet start-ups.
Clarence Guo
Director at xTzedek Law LLC, Robin8 Foundation Legal Counsel
Clarence has worked as an attorney for more than seven years. He has worked as an associate for WongPartnership LLP and Watson Farley & Williams, an Associate Director for Asia Practice LLC, until the following year where he was invited to be a Director at Tzedek Law LLC.
Clients & Investors & Partners
Our Clients
Our Investors
Pre v1.0 PUT
Robin8 already has a ledger system for making payments to personal influencers based on social sharing. The next step is to develop a secure vault using zero knowledge or other appropriate algorithm to ensure customer privacy is an important piece of the PUT ecosystem and deployed in Robin8. Robin8 is already measuring Profile completeness and estimated value for each advertising campaign and distributing payments to the influencers using this system. We expect to have this completed by April 2018.
v1.0 PUT
PUT wallet integrated with the Robin8 Mobile App Verification and transactions to be handled by Robin8’s internal Zero Knowledge Proof ledger system to protect individual user anonymity from advertisers, publishers and third parties. Ad inventory will be valued, and transactions will be calculated from reported Profile Utility data. This will be released by September 2018.
Post v1.0 PUT
Make the transfer and verification process entirely distributed on Qtum using a scheme with Zero Knowledge Proof protocol for ensuring user privacy. Add alternate metrics based on advertiser or influencer or follower feedback. This will allow for full user privacy as well as a decentralized audit trail for advertisers, influencers, publishers and followers to ensure they received correct payments for the advertising delivered through the PUT network. The estimated release date is November 2018.
Mobile App as platform/PUT
Further profile usage metrics based on advertiser feedback as needed. Partners building applications on the PUT infrastructure. Also, at this point we plan to explore value-added services that can be offered to consumers on the App platform through PUT. These applications will launch in 2019.
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